Fields of activity

Marine renewable energies (MRE)

Offshore windfarm, tidal turbines, wave energy converters ... Marine energies are in development in Europe and abroad. Cohabys has been involved in the emergence of this sector since 2009 by supporting French projects in order to provide the scientific knowledge needed to evaluate the impacts of these devices. Discover our fields of activity.

Marine surveys

Marine surveys, scientific or industrial, may require the use of potentially impacting instruments for marine fauna (seismic, sonar ...). In addition, sea surveys can provide an interesting opportunity platform for marine wildlife observations in non-dedicated surveys and thus contribute to the improvement of knowledge. Cohabys provides qualified and experienced Marine Mammal Observers (MMOs) and Passive Acoustic Monitoring Operators (PAMs) to conduct visual and acoustic monitoring at sea and reduce the risk of damage if necessary.

Coastal developments

The development of coastal infrastructures, the expansion of ports or the rehabilitation of such structures can be a cause of disturbance of the marine environment. From benthic communities to seabirds, Cohabys assesses impacts and looks for the best solutions to reduce risks.

Regulatory monitoring

National and Community regulations require regular and standardized monitoring of the marine environment with to establish diagnosis of ecological status (Water Framework Directive, Marine Strategy Framework Directive ...). Cohabys can conduct these surveys, perform analysis and interpret the results.