Cohabys offers tailor-made services to assist you in the development of your project. Contact us to discuss your needs and our solutions.

Advice and support

Industrial or private company, public institution or governmental administration: you need expertise in marine environment? Cohabys supports you at all stages of your project. From the site pre-diagnosis to the impact assessment, we use our know-how and knowledge to advise and to guide you. Expert opinion, definition of the scientific protocol or scientific assistance to stakeholders, we propose solutions adapted to your project

Monitoring and surveys

From benthic macrofauna to marine mammals, Cohabys carries out field surveys dedicated and adapted to different projects. From the conception of the monitoring project to the choice of the methods, we guide you to define and to develop the survey and the protocol most adapted to your project and your objectives. We also realise the analysis and the restitution of the results.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Conducting environmental impact assessment requires a detailed knowledge of the different physical and biological compartments that formed the marine environment. We bring our knowledge of marine ecology and our expertise regarding top predators and benthic macrofauna for your impact assessment. As subcontractors or scientific advisors, we participate with you in offshore projects’ EIA on marine life.

Mitigation measures

When a project has proven impacts on marine wildlife, mitigation, avoidance or compensation measures are needed. We propose to develop, optimise and implement the most appropriate measures for your project.


Scientific knowledge is constantly improving but also raised new questions, research is essential for industrial projects. Our academic background and scientific environment enables us to develop or to be involved in R&D projects. We develop R&D programs to link stakeholders’ concerns and scientific advances in ecology. From improving the knowledge on wild populations to developing new impact assessment methodologies, we offer innovative solutions for your environmental issues. Thanks to the Research Tax Credit, you can benefit from a tax reduction by calling us for your R & D.